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Transition to Industry 4.0

Production Monitoring and Industrial Safety in Manufacturing Sector

  • Tracking production by numbers & weight

  • Tracking & analyzing delays in production (eg, set-up, power outages, maintenance & breakdown, etc)

  • Tool/die lifecycle tracking

  • Visualizing meaningful data to aid management decisions

  • Developing shop floor safety solutions to prevent accidents involving material handling equipment

  • Human proximity detection using Computer Vision and IR sensing - Industrial Research

Smart Office and Living Spaces

  • Shared workspace – resource usage monitoring & integrated billing (AC, meeting rooms, computer clusters, etc)

  • Power usage tracking
  • RFID-based movable asset protection

  • Remote appliance control at homes

  • Security measures - Intrusion detection, 'Mockupancy'

  • Special product for Old Age Homes

  • Smart water management system

Energy & Water Conservation 

  • Energy and Environment Monitoring devices for Hybrid Renewable Energy Plants (Solar + Wind + Bio) – University Research Program

  • Public spaces lighting controlled by proximity (eg staircase lights, "rolling" parking lights), daylight-intensity based lighting (eg, street lights)

  • Smart water management system

IoT Training and Education

  • Setting up IoT Centers of Excellence in campuses

  • Faculty Development Programs

  • IoT Workshops for students and working professionals

  • Partnering with Educational Trusts for creating Vocational IoT Programs

  • Setting up of IoT Labs in campuses

  • Conducting tinkering sessions for school children

Conventional IT Services

  • Business websites and web applications

  • Database Management and Integration

  • Cloud migration & management

  • Business workflow development

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