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CopperCloud IOTech is a start-up in Internet of Things (IoT) space, incorporated in 2018. Our primary focus is on Industrial IoT, with the objective of assisting MSMEs transition to Industry 4.0, through customized Industrial IoT solutions.

CopperCloud® also offers conventional IT services involving websites, databases, cloud services, etc.


We at CopperCloud are passionate about education, which is reflected in our strong training vertical, imparting IoT skills to faculty, students and working professionals.


One size does not fit all. Your automation needs are unique. We appreciate this fully.

We study your automation scenario and build point-specific solutions.

Non-Intrusive. Non-Disruptive. Affordable.

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Our leadership team has a collective experience in a variety of disciplines including automation technology, wireless technology, IT, embedded systems, data science, defence service, industrial administration and so on. We are committed to new and upcoming technologies with a vision to make affordable automation available to every MSME in India and beyond.

Our delivery team is a core group of dedicated technologists, specializing in embedded, IoT and data technologies, working in partnership with professional experts in allied fields of PLC, IT security, hardware design and development, ERP, etc.

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